10 Signs That Study Is Bogus

Caveat emptor. Don't be so sure you can trust every so-called scientific study that pops up in the news -- even if the writer wears glasses. shironosov/iStock/Thinkstock

Eat chocolate, lose weight! In March 2015 the results of a new study by researchers in Germany made waves with the claim that chocolate could be part of a slimming regime. The study, conducted by one Johannes Bohannon, research director of the nonprofit Institute of Diet and Health, showed that adding chocolate to a low-carb diet actually increased weight loss.

The only trouble was that the study was completely bogus. Johannes Bohannon was actually a science journalist named John Bohannon. Bohannon concocted the study to demonstrate how little fact-checking the media engages in when it comes to reporting on science [source: Hiltzik].

While the "study" made a splash in the tabloid media, few if any reputable outlets covered it. Maybe that's because they recognized the telltale signs of a bogus study. Let's find out what those are.