10 Signs That Study Is Bogus

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What's Going on With Detroit's Mysterious Zug Island?

What's Going on With Detroit's Mysterious Zug Island?

There's a huge steel mill with lots of heavy machinery on Zug Island. HowStuffWorks explores whether Zug Island is behind the infamous Windsor Hum.

Author's Note: 10 Signs That Study Is Bogus

I'm as cynical as the next person, but the research required for this article shocked me more than once. Like most people, I associate science with rigor, so I was disheartened to learn about some of the shoddy, slapdash and compromised work being done. But I suppose I shouldn't be. Scientists aren't robots operating in hermetically sealed environments. They're as subject to venality and cultural trends as anybody else. And in the end I came away with maybe even greater respect for a mode of inquiry that polices itself to the degree that science does. There's a lot of bad science out there, but the people blowing the whistle are ... scientists!

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