Top 10 Hotels That Will Scare the Daylights Out of You

Hotel Galvez

The Hotel Galvez resides in Galveston Texas, the landing spot of a horrible hurricane in 1900 that killed several thousand people. The ghosts of many of those victims are said to be reawakened even to this day as their bodies are unexpectedly uncovered during building projects.

The hotel reportedly is haunted by several specters, among them a tragically lovelorn lady who tromps around the fifth floor. Apparently her beloved was lost at sea, and after she got word of his demise, she hanged herself from the top turrets of the hotel. Later, her fiancé returned, to everyone's surprise, unharmed. Unfortunately, his beloved was then lost herself, only to tread the hotel's hallways ever after.

When this lady needs some time alone, the staff members know it because their electronic keys don't function as they should. Others have noted that an unusual coldness hangs about the place, which shouldn't occur in such a warm locale.

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