Top 10 Hotels That Will Scare the Daylights Out of You


Crescent Hotel

No towels, but thanks anyway.
No towels, but thanks anyway.
Robb Kendrick/Getty Images

The historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark., was built in 1886 as one of the first luxury spa hotels in the southern United States. The entire town is known to have many ghosts that roam about, and the Crescent seems to be a favorite destination. If you visit the Crescent, you'll want to avoid room 218, unless you're into having the daylights scared out of you. The legend goes like this: During hotel construction, a stone mason fell to his death in the area that's now room 218. Although his name is unknown, hotel employees refer to him as Michael.

So what does Michael do that's so spooky? How about reaching for you through the bathroom mirror? Or maybe crying out in terror in the ceiling above the bed? The hotel was also a cancer hospital in the 1930s. Guests have seen ghost nurses moving corpses on a gurney through the hallways. Other ghosts include Dr. Ellis, a cancer surgeon, and the lady in white, a woman in a flowing gown who floats through the gardens and perches on balconies. Some guests have complained that they awaken to find their clothes scattered throughout their room. So are these ghostly visions bad for business? Hardly -- the hotel remains a popular tourist destination, and its ghost tour is a big seller.