10 'Healthy' Things That Aren't

Diet Soda
You may save calories by drinking diet sodas, but you're getting a lot of bad-for-you ingredients in the deal. ŠiStockphoto/Thinkstock

When you drink diet soda you may be saving yourself a few calories, but they come at an expense -- you're still drinking soda, and all the bad-for-you ingredients that come along with it.

A 2013 study links an increased risk of developing diabetes -- an increase by as much as 22 percent -- with drinking one soda (diet or regular) a day [source: Neporent]. And additional research suggests the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas may actually backfire on you. Diet sodas may have fewer calories than regular versions, but the artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain, and people who drink diet soda every day have a greater waist circumference than people who don't consume diet drinks.

Author's Note: 10 'Healthy' Things That Aren't

I remember the day I realized a cup of walnuts equals roughly 800 calories -- it was the day I stopped eating trail mix as my mid-afternoon pick-me-up and instead starting noshing on hummus. It's not as though I was eating walnuts by the cupful -- I wasn't -- but I wasn't thinking about the calories and fat in a simple handful of nuts and dried fruits, one of my favorite snacks.

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