10 Signs What You're Reading Online Is Bogus

The Site Does Not Look Professional
If the site you're visiting throws pop-up ad after pop-up ad, you might want to take any information you read there with a grain of salt. ┬ęBruno Vincent/Getty Images

First impressions are meaningful, and your first impression of a Web site shouldn't leave you wondering if anyone considered usability or visual appeal before they launched it, nor should the site remind you of the pre-Google Internet days of the late 1990s. (For that matter, the site's last update should be more recent than 1998). There shouldn't be an endless series of persistent pop-up ads or random use of many mismatched fonts. Sure, there are some sleek and slick sites out there that are total frauds in the content and product departments, but most scammers don't often spend a lot of time on a site's look and feel, the quality of images or even an "about" section. Professional Web sites have a consistent look and feel, a cohesive design across pages as well as quality, high-resolution graphics and an easy-to-use interface. And if you want to know more, a professional site will almost always have an "about" section to explain their services or site to you and a contact section if you need to get in touch with them.

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