10 Mythical American Monsters

Ever notice that all the photos of Bigfoot are blurry? Grambo Grambo/Getty Images

Canadians call him Sasquatch. Americans prefer Bigfoot. No matter: All monikers refer to a giant, hairy, ape-man who supposedly has been wandering around North America for at least a century. Most sightings have been in the Pacific Northwest, but there have been Bigfoot reports from nearly every state and Canadian province. (You can check the locations on this handy map).

Although sightings were reported as far back as 1886, and possibly earlier, Bigfoot really established a toe-hold in North American culture in the latter half of the 20th century, when an article ran in the December 1959 issue of True magazine detailing the discovery of large, mysterious footprints in California. Soon people were producing everything from hair and blood samples to grainy photos and, yes, more footprints which they claimed proved the shaggy creature's existence [sources: Bigfoot Encounters, Radford].

North Americans aren't alone in their Bigfoot fanaticism; many cultures around the globe have stories about strange ape-like creatures mysteriously walking around. But who really believes in Sasquatch? According to a 2012 Angus Reid survey, a full 29 percent of Americans and 21 percent of Canadians do. That's almost more intriguing than the beast himself.