Star People

aerial view of large terrestrial patterns in peru
In Peru lie vast designs -- fully visible only from the air. Another bizarre idea of ancient-astronaut theorists speculates that the lines were signals to space "gods." Archaeologists reject that notion, but the function of the lines remains a mystery.
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Contactee chronicler Brad Steiger says you may be a Star Person if you are physically attractive, have a magnetic personality, require little sleep, hear unusually well, work in the healing or teaching profession, and harbor the suspicion that this world is not your home. Steiger discovered this while working on a book on space channeling. When he announced his discovery in the May 1, 1979, issue of the National Enquirer, he was inundated with letters from people who recognized themselves.

According to Steiger, there are four kinds of Star People -- Refugees, Utopians, Energy Essences, and reincarnated E.T.'s -- all of whom have been placed on Earth to prepare it for the great changes that will come in the wake of worldwide disasters that will precede mass landings by the Star People's off-world relatives. In his 1981 book, The Star People, Steiger predicted a pole shift and worldwide famine in 1982, World War III in the mid-1980s, and Armageddon in 1989.