The Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank

The Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank Specifications

Designed for the varying Swedish terrain, the Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank was equipped to deal with almost any contingency.

Date of service: 1966

Country: Sweden

Type: Main Battle Tank

Dimensions: Length, 7.04 m (23.1 ft); width, 3.6 m (11.8 ft); height, 2.14 m (7 ft)

Combat weight: 39,700 kg (43.8 tons)

Engine: One Rolls Royce K60 diesel; one Boeing M553 gas turbine

Armament: One 105mm L71 Bofors main gun; three 7.62mm KSP 58 machine guns

Crew: 3

Speed: 50 km/h (31 mph)

Range: 390 km (242 mi)

Obstacle/grade performance: 0.9 m (3 ft)

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