How Diesel Locomotives Work

Riding the Train
Inside a passenger car
Inside a passenger car

The accommodations inside a passenger train are quite plush. This train is the Piedmont, which runs daily from Raleigh to Charlotte, North Carolina. The seats on this train recline more than airline seats and have more leg room. They also have footrests.

The seats on this car can be turned around to face each other so four people can sit together.
The train also has a kitchen that serves mostly sandwiches and light snacks.
For first-class passengers on this train, there is an observation car that has a sunroom upstairs and a bar.

Although taking the train might be slower than flying, it's definitely a lot more comfortable. There is plenty of room to walk around, and you can eat in a dining car or look at the view from the the top of the lounge car. Some trains even have private rooms for first-class passengers -- not a bad way to get from here to there.

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