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Golden Age of Flight Timeline

1929-1930 Flight Timeline

February 1929 Boeing, United Air Lines, Pratt & Whitney, and Standard Steel Propeller merge into United Aircraft and Transport Company.

February ­4-5, 1929 Frank Hawks and Oscar Grubb set a nonstop transcontinental record in a Lockheed Air Express: 18 hours and 22 minutes.


February 12, 1929 Anne Morrow and Charles Lindbergh get engaged.

March 9, 1929 Charles Lindbergh inaugurates airline flight to Mexico City.

March 16-17, 1929 Louise Thaden sets a female endurance record of 22 hours, 3 minutes, 12 seconds.

April 23-24, 1929 Elinor Smith establishes a female endurance record of 26 hours, 21 minutes in a Bellanca.

April 24-26, 1929 RAF pilots fly a Fairey Long-Range Monoplane nonstop from England to India--4,130 miles.

May 8, 1929 Lieutenant Apollo Soucek sets a world altitude record of 39,140 feet in a Wright Apache landplane.

May 28, 1929 Marvel Crosson sets a female altitude record of 24,000 feet.

June 4, 1929 Lieutenant Apollo Soucek sets a world altitude record (38,650 feet) for seaplanes in a float-equipped Wright Apache.

July 2-12, 1929 Loren Mendell and R. B. Reinhart set a new endurance record of 246 hours, 44 minutes in a Wright-powered Buhl biplane.

July 7, 1929 Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT) sets up combined air-rail service, going coast-to-coast in 48 hours.

July 9, 1929 Roger Q. Williams and Lewis Yancey fly nonstop from the United States to Spain (3,400 miles) in a Bellanca.

July 10, 1929 The Spokane Sun God, a Buhl CA-6, completes a nonstop round-trip from Spokane, Washington, to New York in 115 hours, 45 minutes, with aerial fueling.

July 13-30, 1929 Dale Jackson and Forest O'Brien set a refueling duration record of 420 hours, 17 minutes in a Curtiss Robin.

July 25, 1929 The Dornier Do X makes its first flight.

August 1929 The Junkers 33 seaplane makes its first rocket-assisted takeoff.

September 24, 1929 Jimmy Doolittle demonstrates blind flying.

September 27-29, 1929 Dieudonné Costes and Maurice Bellonte fly from Paris to Manchuria, China, for a world distance record of 4,912 miles in Point d'Interrogation.

September 30, 1929 The Opel Sander Rak. 1, a glider powered by rockets, makes a 75-second flight.

November 22, 1929 Amelia Earhart sets a speed record for women: 184.17 miles per hour in a Lockheed Vega.

November 28-29, 1929 Richard Byrd and Bernt Balchen fly over the South Pole.

November 29, 1929 Curtiss completes the first Prestone-cooled pursuit aircraft.

January 25, 1930 American Airways (now American Airlines) is formed.

May 1, 1930 The prototype Polikarpov I-5 single-seater biplane flies.

May 5-24, 1930 Amy Johnson becomes the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

May 6, 1930 The Boeing Monomail flies.

May 15, 1930 Ellen Church becomes the first flight attendant for Boeing Air Transport, on a Boeing 80A.

May 18, 1930 The Graf Zeppelin crosses the South Atlantic for the first time.

May 27, 1930 Roscoe Turner sets an east-west record of 18 hours, 43 minutes, 34 seconds in a Vega.

June 4, 1930 Lieutenant Apollo Soucek sets a world altitude record in a Wright Apache landplane at 43,155 feet.

­June 12, 1930 The last RAF biplane bomber, the Handley Page Heyford, flies for the first time.