How CargoLifter's Airship Will Work

The CargoLifter hangar in Brand, Germany
The CargoLifter hangar in Brand, Germany
Photo courtesy CargoLifter AG

In November 2000, CargoLifter completed the hangar that will house the CL 160 airship. As you can imagine, the hangar has to be enormous to house such an airship. The hangar in Brand, Germany, is one of the largest self-supporting hangars in the world. It is about 1,200 feet (360 m) long, 700 feet (210 m) wide and 350 feet (107 m) tall.

Here are some interesting facts about the hangar:

  • Nearly 1.4 million cubic feet (40,000 cubic meters) of concrete were used to secure the foundations for the over-arching steel girders that make up the hangar's frame.
  • 14,000 tons of steel were used for the arch construction.
  • A three-layer polyester-fiber membrane is stretched between each of the five steel arches.
  • Each side has a shell-shaped door that can open up to 660 feet (200 m) wide.
  • The hangar holds 194 million cubic feet (5.5 million cubic meters) of space.
  • It is large enough to completely enclose the Louisiana Superdome, one of the largest indoor stadiums in the United States.

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