10 Non-murderous Things Drones Do Every Day

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How Atlanta Became the World's Busiest Airport, Again

How Atlanta Became the World's Busiest Airport, Again

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was just named world's busiest airport, again. HowStuffWorks explains how it's reigned for decades.

Author's Note: 10 Non-murderous Things Drones Do Every Day

Particularly in the light of NSA spying revelations, a lot of media headlines regarding drones are rather negative. Writers and producers often write off drones as devices for spying on civilian populations and as weapons for attacking terrorists in far-off lands. But it's safe to say that we've scarcely scratched the surface of what drones can do -- they can work as tools for all sorts of industries to make them safer and more productive. It'll be years before government rules and policies allow for the massive unleashing of drones, but when it happens, drones will transform all sorts of organizations -- often in great ways.

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