10 Non-murderous Things Drones Do Every Day

Creative Spark
A UAV with a camera mounted on it photographs a canoe race on the San Marcos River in Martindale, Texas June 6, 2012. © Erich Schlegel/Corbis

Professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers are some of the biggest proponents of UAVs. They buy many of the more affordable models, tweak them to their liking, and use them for all sorts of still image and video projects.

Many current drones come with mounting kits that let you attach a camera to the underside of the machine. With the camera in place, any photographer or videographer has a new world of creative potential at his or her fingertips.

At the Burning Man festival in Nevada, drones fly in arcs over the crowd below, capturing the event's creative spirit from above. Wedding photographers now hover over the bride and groom, to capture unique views of the ceremony and reception.

Before affordable drones came along, those kinds of views were simply impossible to get without a helicopter or giant lift. Now, the skies are open to anyone who's willing to trust a small drone with their pricey photography gear.