End of the 20th Century Flight Timeline

Space ventures are a gamble, as Lockheed Martin learned with its X-33 technology demonstrator. The aircraft was to be the forerunner of an orbital spacecraft to take off and land conventionally, but technical problems later forced cancellation of the contract. See more pictures of flight.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

January 25, 1994 The Clementine lunar orbiter is launched.

February 3-11, 1994 Sergei Krikolev becomes the first Russian crew member to fly aboard the Space Shuttle.

February 28, 1994 Two Air Force F-16 jets shoot down four Bosnian Serb aircraft in the first demonstration of NATO air combat.

March 29, 1994 Northrop acquires Grumman; the merger is effective May 18, 1994.

Flight Pictures 

March 30, 1994 The Pilatus PC-12 gets Swiss certification.

June 12, 1994 The Boeing 777 makes its first flight.

September 13, 1994 The A300-600ST Super Transporter makes its first flight.

December 1994 Lockheed merges with Martin-Mariertta.

December 16, 1994 The Antonov AN-70 turboprop transport makes its first flight.

January 5, 1995 Ben Rich, of Lockheed "Skunk Works" fame, dies at the age of 69.

February 3-11, 1995 The Space Shuttle Discovery flies by Mir in preparation for a future docking mission.

This rendering shows the Mars Polar Lander using an articulated robot arm to collect soil samples. The 639-pound spacecraft was launched from on January 3, 1999. Unfortunately, it disappeared into the Martian atmosphere and was lost to NASA scientists.
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace

February 18-21, 1995 Steve Fossett makes the first solo transpacific balloon flight from Seoul, South Korea to Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, a distance of 5,430 miles.

March 31, 1995 The Cirrus SR-20 makes its first flight; it features a built-in parachute.

April 11, 1995 T. Keith Glennan, the first head of NASA, dies at the age of 90.

April 26, 1995 A MiG-29 sets an altitude record of 90,092 feet.

May 31, 1995 The FAA certifies its first aircraft from China, a Model Y-12 Harbin.

June 2, 1995 Captain Scott Grady is shot down and rescued in Bosnia.

June 30, 1995 The Luftwaffe conducts its first combat operation in nearly 50 years, in support of NATO forces in Bosnia.

August 11, 1995 The EMBRAER EMB-145 makes its first flight.

November 29, 1995 The McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) Super Hornet F/A-18E makes its first flight.