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What if an astronaut went on a space walk without wearing a space suit?

What would happen if an astronaut went for a space walk without wearing a space suit? Learn what happens when astronauts walk in space on here.

How Space Stations Work

Space stations allow astronauts to live and work in Earth orbit. Learn about space stations and how space stations work in this article.

How Space Regulation Works

Space regulation is a bit more complicated than Hollywood's space cops make it seem. Learn about the complications of space regulation.

How Space Junk Works

Space junk is the debris orbiting Earth, left behind by satellites and space shuttles. Find out how much space junk is up there and space junk dangers.

Will space tourism ever be a reality?

The space tourism reality will be here sooner than you might think. Learn about space tourism and space tourism reality.

How Space Burial Works

What is involved in space burial? Learn how you can have your ashes sent to space in How Space Burial Works.

How Space Tourism Works

The space tourism industry offers people a way to take the ultimate vacation. Learn about space tourism and find out how you can become a space tourist.

How Space Farming Works

Space farming is the process of cultivating plants in space. Learn why space farming is important and how space farming will affect life on Earth

How Space Food Works

Space food for astronauts has come a long way since the flavorless paste that came in tubes. Learn about the development of space food.

Space Exploration Pictures

These space exploration pictures show you how mankind has explored the vastness of space. Check out these space exploration pictures.

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