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T-64 Main Battle Tank

The T-64 Main Battle Tank was long mistaken for another Soviet tank, the T-72. Explore the features of the T-64 Main Battle Tank at HowStuffWorks.

M-41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank

The M-41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank was a quick and agile tank designed for reconnaissance missions. Explore the 1950 M-41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank.

M-60 Main Battle Tank

The M-60 Main Battle Tank entered production in 1960, developed in response to increasingly advanced Soviet tanks. Explore the M-60 Main Battle Tank.

Japanese Type 89 Chi-Ro Medium Tank

The Japanese Type 89 CHI-RO Medium Tank first saw military combat action in 1932.

AMX-30 Main Battle Tank

The AMX-30 Main Battle Tank served as the principal Main Battle Tank for the French Army. Learn about the history of the AMX-30 Main Battle Tank

Type 61 Main Battle Tank

The Type 61 Main Battle Tank was the first armored vehicle designed and built in post-war Japan. Read about the Type 61 Main Battle Tank.

T-72 Main Battle Tank

The Soviet T-72 Main Battle Tank was heavily armored and served through the fall of the Soviet Union. Explore features of the T-72 Main Battle Tank.

Infantry Tank Mark II A-12

The Infantry Tank Mark II A-12, or Matilda II, signified a change in Britain's thinking about tanks. Learn about the Infantry Tank Mark II A-12.

Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank

The Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank was post-war Germany's first tank designed and built in West Germany. Learn more about the Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank.

M-26 General Pershing Heavy Tank

The M-26 General Pershing Heavy Tank was developed during World War II to compete with powerful German tanks. Explore the M-26 General Pershing Tank.

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