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Charles W.(Chuck) Bryant co-hosts the 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast along with his trusty sidekick, Josh Clark. He was born in Atlanta in the early 1970s under the sign of Pisces. Twenty-four years later, he earned an English degree at the University of Georgia. He spent the next decade traveling, pursuing creative endeavors and getting street smart. He and his wife-to-be moved back to Atlanta in 2004, with four pets in tow. He hooked up with HowStuffWorks.com shortly after co-host Josh was hired, and the pair bonded immediately over their love of Hunter S. Thompson, the fight-or-flight response and dive bars. In his off-time, Chuck enjoys hanging out with his wife, cooking and playing in his old-man band. He loves his neti pot and hates cold bathroom floors. You can find Chuck on Twitter at @SYSKPodcast and on Facebook at the official Stuff You Should Know page.

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