Virtual Reality Entertainment
virtual reality

By 2050, this girl could be off to visit friends living across the country with the push of a button.

© iStockphoto.com/caracterdesign

Your flat-screen television may represent the epitome of entertainment right now, but by 2050, it will seem hopelessly outdated. In 2050, we'll likely demand that our entertainment not be contained by the screen -- we'll want to interact with it via virtual reality. Imagine playing a video game about World War II: You and your friends will have the option of hopping off the couch and storming the beaches of Normandy with everybody else. With this technology, your children will be able to interact with their favorite fuzzy friends by inviting them into the living room to dance around.

Entertainment won't be the only way we'll use virtual technology, however. Likely, we'll be able to meet up with friends and family around the world thanks to hologram technology. Let's say you have a business meeting with colleagues from New York, Seattle and Beijing -- all of you can meet up in one office to discuss the matter at hand. Long-distance relationships will become a little more manageable because of virtual visits, and all of your pals can show up to your destination wedding, no matter where they live.

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