Flowering plants, shrubs and trees provide the environment with much needed oxygen and fight soil erosion. They also provide food and shelter for many animals, as well as contribute to the fertility of soil with their dead leaves and flowers.


Ebony, a small family of mostly tropical, hard-wooded trees and shrubs. Ebony is also the common name of several trees in this family, as well as the name of the heartwood obtained from certain species.

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  • Xanthisma


    Xanthisma, also called Star of Texas and Sleepy Daisy, an attractive wildflower native to the Great Plains of the United States. See more »

  • Xanthorrhoea


    Xanthorrhoea, also called Blackboy and Grass Tree, a group of about 14 species of long-lived desert plants native to Australia and New Zealand. See more »

  • Yarrow


    Yarrow, or Milfoil, a strong-smelling medicinal plant native to Europe and Asia but common also in North America. See more »

  • Yellow Pine

    Yellow Pine

    Yellow Pine, a name sometimes given to the ponderosa pine, found in the western United States, and also to such southern pine trees as the longleaf, slash, shortleaf, and loblolly. See more »

  • Yucca


    Yucca, a group of about 30 species of plants native chiefly to the deserts of the southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central America. See more »

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