Grasses are shallow-rooted perennials that have long, narrow leaves with veins running parallel to their length. Grasses, which are often herbs, typically grow in large masses, though some grasses, like bamboo, are large and woody.

Everyday Science: Wheat Quiz

As Earth's population continues to rise, wheat plays an increasingly essential role in making sure everyone gets enough to eat. You can find cultivated wheat fields and dishes across the globe. It's time to put your wheat knowledge to the test.

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  • Fescue


    Fescue, a group of about 100 species of perennial grasses that grow in temperate regions. See more »

  • Grains


    Grain, any plant of the grass family that is cultivated for its edible grains, or kernels. See more »

  • Harding Grass

    Harding Grass

    Harding Grass, a species of perennial canary grass. Harding grass is native to Australia and southern Africa. See more »

  • Kafir


    Kafir, an annual plant that resembles the corn plant in having a stout, pithy stem and broad leaves. See more »

  • Oats


    Oats, the seeds of a genus of annual cereal grasses. The plants, which are also called oats, are raised primarily for the grain The several wild and cultivated species of oats are related to rice and barley, and are grown in temperate regions throughout the world Oats were probably first cultivated in the Near East long ago. See more »

  • Pampas Grass

    Pampas Grass

    Pampas Grass, an ornamental grass native to Argentina and Brazil. The reedlike stems are 8 to 20 feet (2.4 to 6 m) tall and are topped with feathery, silver-colored plumes 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 cm) long. See more »

  • Popcorn


    Popcorn, a variety of corn with small, hard kernels. When the kernels are heated, moisture inside them turns to steam. See more »

  • Quack Grass

    Quack Grass

    Quack Grass, or Couch Grass, a spreading perennial weed. It is also called quick grass, quitch grass, and witchgrass. See more »

  • Quinoa


    Quinoa, an annual herb native to Chile, Peru, and parts of Mexico. The seeds are a good source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. See more »

  • Reed


    Reed, a tall grass that grows in marshy places and in shallow water in sluggish streams and ponds. See more »

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