Introduction to 10 Countries with Perfect Climates
Mount Chimbarozo

The world's tallest mountain, starting from the Earth's core, is Ecuador's Mount Chimborazo. It's a reminder of the country's diverse climate.


When it comes to defining the perfect climate, a multitude of factors have to be considered Do you prefer rain or snow? Are you a sunbather or a snowboarder? Do you enjoy the sauna-like heat of the desert? Or would you prefer that your hair poof out like a cloud every time you walk outside?

While it's true that many people favor low humidity, little rainfall, mild temperatures and a high percentage of sunny days, obviously not everyone agrees. Otherwise, we'd have all of nearly 7 billion people crammed onto the 177-square-mile (459 square kilometers) island of Palau.

So rather than follow the lead of popular opinion and risk excluding the non-beach lovers among you, we at aim to please by selecting 10 countries with a little something for everyone. Whether you're a sun worshipper or a puddle stomper, a surfer or a skier, the following countries will have you covered.

In our first country, you can even hit the surf and the slopes in the same day.