How Hydro-Ordnance Works

You hear a lot these days about $2,000,000 tanks or $30,000,000 fighter jets. But in the grand scheme of things, the cost of tanks and jets is insignificant when compared to the cost of the ammunition loaded into these pieces of hardware.

The U.S. Defense Department spends nearly one billion dollars a year loading arms, armor, aircraft, and artillery with the ordnance needed to make these battlefield tools deadly to the enemy.

Srgt. Max Moore test fires the pump action CPS 1200 Lance. This will replace the AR-15 as the standard issue rifle for U.S. Infantry.

Since most of this ammo is used for training exercises, it represents a tremendous expense that is getting harder and harder to justify. In response, the military is seeking more cost-effective and environmentally-benign ordnance.

In this article, we will look at the new face of ammunition in the U.S. Armed Forces, and see how the art of war is about to be brought to a whole new level thanks to Uncle Sam.

Is This For Real?
April Fools! Now that April 1st has come and gone, we'll admit that this article is absolutely untrue. For now.

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