Engineering is the discipline of design and construction of mechanical devices, equipment, structures and public works systems. Topics include aircraft technologies, buildings, bridges, robotics and heavy machinery.

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The Lost Art of True Damascus Steel

All steel is not the same, and Damascus steel has a reputation for being the best. But is today's Damascus steel the same as that forged centuries ago?

Towering Obelisks Are Everywhere. Here's Why They're So Awe-inspiring

Obelisks can be found in cities throughout the world, from Washington, D.C., to Paris, France. But what is the origin of these massive structures?

What's the Difference Between a Windmill and a Wind Turbine?

Windmills and wind turbines work on the same core principle to convert wind into energy, but one creates mechanical energy while the other creates electricity. Here's how they work.

How Do Geiger Counters Work?

First developed in the 1920s, Geiger counters still use the same basic technology to detect radiation, but today can be the size of a smartphone.

Fallingwater Is Considered Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece. Here's Why

Set over Bear Run, a tributary of the Youghiogheny River in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, Fallingwater is perhaps the architect's best-known work.

8 Famous Parks Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Plus a Tiny One You May Not Know About

The designer of New York's Central Park believed that public parks were 'democratic spaces' belonging to all citizens, and aren't we glad he did?

Why Your Hair Is Tougher Than Razor Blades

You think stainless steel is a strong metal. So would it surprise you to learn it can't hold an edge when it comes to your hair?

Fabien Cousteau Is Building PROTEUS, an Underwater 'International Space Station'

PROTEUS, the underwater research station and habitat, is being designed to address medical discoveries, food sustainability and the impact of climate change. Plus, it's really cool looking.

London Bridge Has Never Fallen Down, But It Keeps Getting Rebuilt

Despite what the nursery rhyme says, London Bridge is not falling down — and never really has. But the bridge that spans the Thames has been rebuilt again and again for two millennia.

What's the Difference Between the Pantheon and the Parthenon?

It's easy to confuse the Parthenon and the Pantheon. The names are so similar, and they're both ancient ruins. But despite those similarities, the two structures are very different.

That Black Stuff on the Road? Technically Not Asphalt

If you think asphalt is what hot tar roads are made of, you'd be wrong. Asphalt is only one ingredient in the recipe that makes up our roads. And it has a very long, very interesting history.

Robin the Robot Helps Sick Children Feel Less Lonely

A hospital stay can be a stressful experience for anybody, and especially for a child. But a smiling new robot named Robin plays games, tells stories and comforts children in need of a friend.

How San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Was Built, and Why It's Not Actually Red

Back in the 1930s, folks realized they needed a better way to cross the Golden Gate Strait between San Francisco and the Marin Headlands than by boat. Over eighty years later, the Golden Gate Bridge is the city's most prominent landmark.

What's the Difference Between a Castle and a Palace?

Castles and palaces may seem the same, in their grandiose architecture and palatial structure. But the two buildings were constructed by monarchs for different purposes.

How the Panama Canal Makes Water Flow Uphill

The Panama Canal has been one of the world's biggest engineering feats since it was built nearly by hand in the 1900s.

What's the Difference Between an Avenue, a Road and a Boulevard?

The name bestowed on a road depends on its size and function. And it's not just up to your neighborhood's developer either.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Totally Changing Everything

AI already can outperform humans in some narrow domains, but in the future AI may go inside the human brain to enhance intellectual capabilities, turning users into human-machine hybrids.

Man-made Islands Are More Common Than You Think

Man has been building islands all over the world for centuries using extraordinary feats of engineering. But at what cost to the environment?

How the St. Louis Arch Stands Against All Odds

The St. Louis Arch was so spectacularly designed that, when construction kicked off in 1961, many predicted an epic failure.

How Brunelleschi Built the World's Biggest Dome

The dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the largest masonry dome ever built and still defines the city of Florence over 500 years later.

San Francisco's Wave Organ Plays With the Tides

Built in 1986, the Wave Organ amplifies the sound of the waves to create beautiful music.

Landmark TWA Flight Center Now Stuns as Hotel

It took 22 government agencies and more than 180 firms to turn Eero Saarinen's groundbreaking airport terminal into a spectacular hotel.

Excess Subway Heat to Warm London Homes

The London borough of Islington plans to harness the excess heat of the London Underground to hike up the heat to nearby homes and businesses.

7 Dazzling Details About the Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid was first received by the world in 1989 as an architectural joke, but 30 years later it's considered one of the world's most iconic design masterpieces.

Think a Drone Is Spying on You? Here's What to Do

Many people worry that drones will invade their privacy, though experts say the fear is greater than the actual threat.