How Underground Pet Fences Work

Is this Right for You?

The underground system is probably the most popular pet fence system used today, but wireless systems are also available. Many neighborhoods or subdivisions that restrict the use of conventional fences agree to underground or wireless pet fences because the systems don't alter the appearance of the neighborhood in any way. Underground or wireless pet fences are comparatively inexpensive and easy to install, and -- with the proper training -- very safe for your pet.

Installation can either be done by you or a professional (consult your Yellow Pages or get a reference from your vet or pet store). If you choose to install the system yourself, you may want to seek the help of friends or neighbors, especially if they have experience installing their own fence. You will need some tools for installation.

Underground pet fences can be a welcome addition to your home and can make the owner-pet relationship more pleasant. These systems:

  • Guard against unwanted pets in your flower/vegetable garden, as well as around your yard
  • Require much less maintenance, are easier to install, and cost less than conventional fences
  • Protect escape-artist pets from escaping yards with existing fences
  • Give you peace of mind when your pet is outside

But that's not the whole story.