How Underground Pet Fences Work


Underground pet fences will not work in the following situations:
  • An underground fence cannot contain an untrained dog. If you do not have the time to train your pet, or if your pet is totally wild, an underground fence is probably not for you.
  • An underground fence keeps your pet in but will not keep other pets out. If you have a female dog or if other dogs in your neighborhood roam free and like to fight, an underground fence is probably not for you.
  • Underground fences cannot protect your pet without power. If power failures are common in your area, look for a product that contains a battery backup in the transmitter.

It is important that you understand that after you install (or have a professional install) an underground pet fence, there is occasional maintenance required on your part. You will need to:

  • Train your pet that staying in the yard is the safe and correct way to avoid the correction
  • Monitor whether the wire that provides the "unseen" fence is intact and has power. Many models come with lights that remain lit unless the connection is broken.
  • Test the receiver regularly to be sure that the battery is functioning or simply replace the battery on a strict schedule (while most underground pet fence companies recommend that you replace the battery every three months, some will send you replacement batteries at some fixed interval if you have their fence system!).
  • Shave a small patch on the neck of densely coated dogs on a regular basis for the collar correction to work.

Be aware that even intelligent dogs who like to escape will test the fence occasionally. This should serve as a reminder to shave the neck and/or replace the battery.

Ultimately, you should consider your budget, personal preference, your pet's size and temperament and local zoning laws.

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