How Underground Pet Fences Work

Components of the System: Transmitter

Most underground pet fence systems consist of three components:
  • A transmitter
  • Underground wiring
  • A lightweight receiver worn on your pet's collar

A sample layout of a yard using an underground pet fence. This layout illustrates the many ways that the underground fence can work for you. The driveway and sideways represent areas for your "invisible gate."

Each component is described in the following sections.

The Transmitter

A transmitter mounted on a brick wall in a protected area.

The transmitter must be mounted in a dry location (such as a garage or shed), near an electrical outlet. Mounting the transmitter is really easy. All you'll need is a few screws to hang the transmitter on, a screwdriver, and the electrical outlet.

Most fence systems come with either a standard or deluxe transmitter, with the main differences being how much area each can cover and the correction options.

The transmitter plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It emits a radio signal that travels through the installed underground wire. Therefore a transmitter can accommodate as many pets as you have collars.

Remember that while underground pet fences are meant to keep your pet in, they cannot keep other pets out. If you have a contained female pet that goes into season, it is strongly recommended that you speak with your vet as soon as possible to discuss your options.