10 Holiday Gifts for Budding Scientists

Crime Scene Investigation Kit
This kit includes all the stuff a budding forensic scientist would need, like a microscope and equipment for fingerprinting and deciphering secret messages. Creative Kidstuff

Some good has come out of the pop culture phenomena that is televised forensic mysteries: a cultural bend toward science. And you can capitalize on the trend by wrapping up the Detecto Lab Crime Scene Investigation Science Kit.

This CSI investigation kit is sure to turn children ages 8 and older into pint-sized detectives as they paint charcoal dust on fingerprints and then lift them with clear tape or explore the splash patterns of water balloons thrown at surfaces from a variety of angles. From tracking footprints in the sand to deciphering secret messages or examining evidence under the kit's microscope and lab equipment (included), the 65 different activities mean this kit is designed to last long after the wrapping paper has been recycled.

The best part is what children will learn in the process: Critical-thinking skills may just become second nature as they note myriad details, compose disparate facts into theories and hypothesize solutions.