10 Holiday Gifts for Budding Scientists

Magnetic Science Sorting Center
Younger kids will love playing with this board and magnets and learning about the senses, seasons and animals. Lakeshore Learning Materials

Beginning to wonder if gifts for budding scientists are only available in the 8 and older range? No worries. The Magnetic Science Sorting Center is designed for children ages 3 to 6. It teaches early scientific concepts and classification skills, all under the guise of a magnetic sorting game.

The fun starts with a freestanding board and three sets of magnets coded by color. Simply choose a topic -- five senses, seasons and weather, or animals -- and its related categories. Then, sort the remaining photo magnets into columns, placing them on the board under the categories.

The visual cues offered by the magnets allow children to sort them into the appropriate categories, even if they aren't yet able to read. By the time teachers are ready to introduce scientific concepts, the little scientists on your gift list will be ready to move to the head of the class.