10 Holiday Gifts for Budding Scientists

Chem C100 Test Lab
This kit contains all the equipment and instruction for doing hands-on experiments on ordinary household ingredients. Creative Kidstuff

Mad scientists unite! Help the kids on your gift list stir up some scientific fun with this beginning chemistry kit. The Chem C100 Test Lab includes two test tubes, a stand to hold the test tubes, litmus paper and safety goggles, as well as a manual that contains a variety of experiments that reveal the chemical properties of common items. For example, one suggested activity tests the acid level of a solution by using a pH test.

The test lab also offers a way to determine gas reactions, illustrate how heat creates carbonization and discover why a solution crystalizes. Scientists can then record their findings and compare them to the included chemical identification cards to check their work. And, with 12 cards that identify specific chemical compounds, the detective work can continue as children ages 8 and older experiment on household items long after the kit's supplies run their course.