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Growing up, Katherine was constantly curious and loved to investigate things, be it taking apart small household appliances (and putting them back together -- most of the time they still worked!) or delving in to a new topic for school or simply her own edification.

When she realized she could make a career out of researching things as a librarian, she couldn't sign up for graduate school fast enough. After working with a few special collections -- including North Carolina History, Design, Forestry, and Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences -- Katherine joined the world of HowStuffWorks. Although her time as the corporate librarian lasted only a few months, she's continued to put her MLS to very good use as a writer and editor for the site. At more than a decade in, she's edited and written her way through a series of books, a newspaper column, Express magazine, and various corners of HowStuffWorks and other Discovery sites, and is now Managing Editor of Special Editorial Projects.

A Southerner for real, Katherine has a deep and abiding love of sweet tea and can bake biscuits practically in her sleep (no measuring cups or spoons necessary). She currently resides out in the country with her ex-rugby playing husband and their scarily intelligent JRT/beagle blend. She prefers freestyle to scripted, hand-beaded over bedazzled and loves that she learns all sorts of new stuff at work every day.

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