10 'Healthy' Things That Aren't

Multigrain and Wheat Breads
A bread marketed as "multigrain" can still contain processed flours. ŠiStockphoto/Thinkstock

If you're eating wheat bread that's made with wheat flour, you might as well be eating white bread -- both are made with enriched flour. You might have a bag of it in your pantry -- all-purpose flour is an enriched flour. Unless the ingredient list specifically says "100 percent whole wheat," that slice of wheat toast might not be as healthy as you think.

Enriched flours are refined flours, and are stripped of their nutrients during processing. They don't have much nutritional value, and when you eat them they cause an unhealthy spike in your blood sugar -- which can lead to chronic illness and inflammation. Including whole grains in your diet may help you lower your risk of developing chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease -- and despite what you think about carbs and weight gain, whole grains may help you maintain a healthy weight.