How Pet Psychics Work

A doggie mind meld: "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts." See more pictures of pets.

If you have pets, you may have wondered whether they know what you're thinking. Perhaps your cat hides when you start planning a trip to the vet. Or maybe your dog runs in circles when you think about going out to play. Both of these events can have logical explanations. Your cat might have heard you pull the carrier off the shelf; your dog must have seen you glance at a favorite ball.

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But pet psychics, also known as animal intuitives or animal communicators, would explain these events a little differently. According to most pet psychics, you communicate with your pets telepathically all the time, without even knowing it. Your cat hides and your dog gets ready to play because of signals you send with your mind, not because of your actions.

Pet psychics claim that they can take this one step further. They intentionally use their minds to talk to animals. Some psychics claim to talk to wild animals, but many focus primarily on pets. They talk to pet owners, whom they often refer to as human companions, by phone or in person. For a fee, they then relay telepathic messages to and from pets. The pets don't even have to be present -- often, psychics use photographs or descriptions to make contact.

Sometimes, people just want to check in with their pets. But many people seek the advice of pet psychics for a specific reason, such as:

  • The pet is lost, and its owner wants to figure out where it is or encourage it to return home. (Not all pet psychics take missing pet cases.)
  • The pet is behaving inappropriately, and its owner wants to find out why and get it to stop.
  • The pet is very sick or badly injured, and its owner is trying to decide whether to have it euthanized.
  • The pet has died, and the owner wants to contact the pet's spirit. (Only some pet psychics will act as mediums for deceased pets.)

This kind of animal communication is a paranormal phenomenon. It's a combination of telepathy and clairvoyance, which are forms of extrasensory perception (ESP). Most pet psychics explain it in terms of energy.

The radio spectrum includes the frequencies used to send over-the-air TV and radio signals. It also includes x-rays and visible light.

According to pet psychics, electromagnetic energy surrounds and penetrates everything in the universe, much like the force in "Star Wars." This energy is part of the radio spectrum, but scientists haven't figured out how to detect it. Pet psychics can use energy to contact animals, no matter how far away the animals are or whether they are still living.

In the next section we'll look at the different methods pet psychics use.