Unexplained Phenomena

Unexplained phenomena are all around us. Here you can learn about topics that include spontaneous human combustion, crop circles and the Bermuda Triangle.


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What's Really Going on at the 'Dog Suicide Bridge'?

Experts are baffled as to why dogs keep throwing themselves off Overtoun Bridge in Scotland. Are they lured by unseen scents or is something supernatural at work?

How Do You Become a Ufologist?

If you're considering a hobby or career as a "ufologist" or paranormal investigator, there are a handful of routes that don't involve being personally abducted or applying to a secret government shadow agency.

Drones Discover 'New' Ancient Nazca Lines

Previously undiscovered geoglyphs found in Peru were invisible from the ground and too faint and sprawling to be picked up by space satellites. But not drones.

What's Going on With Detroit's Mysterious Zug Island?

A disturbing noise, somewhere between a window-rattling bass and a brain-numbing deep thrum has bugged the heck out of residents in the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada for years, and it's called the Windsor Hum.

Sound the Alarm: Windsor Hum Is Driving Canadians Crazy

Since 2010, some Windsor, Ontario residents have reporting a low-frequency hum that will not go away. Is this a real sound, and if so, why can't anyone locate its source?

No One Knows What Caused a Massive 1908 Explosion in Siberia

Theories surrounding the source of the Tunguska blast that rocked the Siberian region in 1908 abound. But the exact cause is still a mystery.

Are 'Ghost Lights' Apparitions of the Dead — or Even Aliens?

There's no doubt people are seeing lights. But are they really spirits of ghosts — or even aliens — or can these unusual lights be clarified with a simple explanation?

Are Abnormal Archaeological Finds Proof of Extraterrestrial Life?

Are strange skeletons unearthed across the globe evidence that we're not alone, or are they simply more myths and legends that are bound to be debunked?

What Are Skyquakes?

These booming sounds are part of a mysterious phenomenon that's occurred for years around the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

What Are the Mysterious Marfa Lights?

Theories about the ghostly lights abound. Conclusions are harder to come by.

In 1884, a Ship Was Discovered Totally Abandoned … and the Crew Was Never Found

No crew, sails set, fire still blazing in the galley — some ships wash up on shores under mysterious circumstances. The Resolven was one of them.

How the Uncanny Valley Works

When a super-realistic android or video character gives us a creepy feeling, it enters the uncanny valley. Why do we get spooked, and what can we do to avoid it?

How Covfefe Works

Covfefe isn't as mysterious as everyone makes it out to be. We're here to explain.

Are the Dropa stones authentic?

Ancient caves! Mysterious stones! Tiny little beings with strange heads! Sounds like the plot of an Indiana Jones movie, doesn't it? The legend of the Dropa stones has persisted for over half a century now, but is any of it actually true?

Are the Ica stones authentic?

Humans riding dinosaurs: Sounds like a kid's dream come true! History tells us this couldn't possibly have happened, but the Ica stones say otherwise. So is there any truth to these allegedly ancient carvings, or are they just an elaborate hoax?

Do fish ever really rain from the sky?

Fans of the Super Mario Bros. series know that enemy fish can attack from above. And fans of the film "Magnolia" know that sometimes frogs do rain from the sky. But this is purely the realm of pop culture. Things like this don't really happen, right?

Did the Colossi of Memnon used to sing at sunrise?

Singing monuments sounds like the premise of an enchanted Broadway musical -- or a scene straight out of "A Night at the Museum." So did the Colossi of Memnon actually sing at one time? And if so, why don't they sing anymore? Stage fright?

What are ley lines?

Is the world really connected by an intricate, invisible web of knowledge-expanding energy waves? Sure, it's called the Internet -- and you're channeling it right now! Oh, you were asking about the ley lines? We've got an answer for that too.

What are the Nazca lines?

Long before crop circles captured the world's imagination, a Peruvian culture called the Nazca went about creating a series of intricate lines -- sometimes in the shapes of animals -- on the desert floor. But how'd they do it -- and why?

What is ectoplasm?

Obviously, if we had more evidence of the existence of ghosts, we wouldn't all spend so much time debating the matter. Believers in the supernatural, however, are convinced a substance called "ectoplasm" proves ghosts are real -- but are they right?

What's the Zone of Silence?

The Zone of Silence sounds like a good place to get some studying done -- just kick back, relax and absorb knowledge. What's that? It's in the middle of a Mexican desert? Well, scratch the studying and find out what it really is.

What is Littlewood's law of miracles?

A "law of miracles," you say? What, are people going to get fined for practicing miracles without a license? Is there even a certification program for becoming a miracle worker? No, it's a mathematical law?

What is pyrokinesis?

We humans have no problem dreaming up superpowers we wish we had. There's flight, invincibility and super strength. But what about pyrokinesis or starting fires with our minds? Is that a real-life thing or comic-book fantasy?