How Pet Psychics Work

Pet Psychic Methods

Pet psychics often work from a photo of the animal.
Pet psychics often work from a photo of the animal.

Many pet psychics describe animal communication as a gift they discovered at an early age. For example, Sonya Fitzpatrick, host of Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic," describes developing friendships with animals due to a childhood hearing loss [ref]. Other psychics began exploring it as adults -- sometimes after watching Fitzpatrick's TV show. While some psychics describe an intuitive understanding of how to talk to animals, others say they learned from books or workshops.

Regardless of differences in when and how pet psychics developed their skills, most describe the same basic steps for talking to animals. Many cite J. Allen Boone's "Kinship with All Life," originally published in 1954, as the source for their methods. Here's what typically happens:

  1. The psychic relaxes and calms her mind.
  2. She uses her mind to make contact with the animal's energy.
  3. She visualizes the animal and telepathically says its name to get its attention.
  4. She asks the animal a question, often by transmitting a picture. The psychic may use pictures in addition to or instead of words.
  5. The psychic imagines the animal responding and waits for a response. Many describe the responses as pictures or combinations of pictures and words. A few, like New York pet psychic Shira Plotzker, say that animals respond using childlike voices [ref].
  6. She accepts whatever response she gets and acknowledges that she has received it.
  7. The psychic passes the animal's answers to its owner and asks more questions if needed. The psychic may also transmit messages to the pet from its owner. If the owner hopes to correct a pet's inappropriate behavior, the psychic will visualize the solution rather than the problem.
  8. Some pet psychics will also scan the pet's body to diagnose health problems. If the psychic detects illnesses or injury, she will transmit healing energy to the pet [ref].

To some animal lovers, this process seems to make sense. But the idea of using energy to communicate with animals can be controversial. Scientists have not found conclusive evidence of:

  • The existence of this particular sort of electromagnetic energy
  • Sensory organs that people or animals could use to detect the energy or transmit messages using it

In addition, the energy that pet psychics describe can travel instantaneously over any distance and in any direction. Scientists have not discovered electromagnetic energy that behaves this way.

Pet psychics also make several assumptions about animals' self-awareness and intelligence. We'll look at those in more detail next.