Other biologists, those living outside of major scientific nations, have also contributed greatly to biology. With the increasing importance of genetics, conservation and microbiology, other biologists may yet discover more of nature's secrets.

Leon Guerrero

Guerrero, Leon (1853-1935) was a Filipino pharmacist and botanist who earned the title “father of Philippine botany” in 1935.

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  • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

    Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

    Szent-Gyorgyi von Nagyrapolt, Albert (1893-1986), a Hungarian-American biochemist. See more »

  • Gregor Johann Mendel

    Gregor Johann Mendel

    Mendel, Gregor Johann (1822-1884), an Austrian priest and botanist. Mendel founded the science of genetics. See more »

  • Karl Wilhelm Nageli

    Karl Wilhelm Nageli

    Nägeli, Karl Wilhelm (1817-1891), a Swiss botanist, is remembered both for his contributions to the understanding of plant cells and for his rejection of Gregor Johann Mendel's laws of heredity. See more »

  • Konrad Zacharias Lorenz

    Konrad Zacharias Lorenz

    Lorenz, Konrad Zacharias (1903-1989), an Austrian zoologist, was a founder of ethology, the study of animal behavior. See more »

  • Robert Barany

    Robert Barany

    Barany, Robert (1876-1936), an Austrian physiologist, investigated the roles of the brain and ear in human equilibrium. See more »

  • Walter Richard Rudolf Hess

    Walter Richard Rudolf Hess

    Hess, Walter Richard Rudolf (1881-1973), a Swiss physiologist, won the 1949 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discovering how certain parts of the brain control organs of the body. See more »

  • Werner Arber

    Werner Arber

    Arber, Werner (1929-) is a Swiss molecular biologist whose discovery of restriction enzymes helped pave the way for genetic engineering. See more »

  • Corneille Jean-Francois Heymans

    Corneille Jean-Francois Heymans

    Heymans, Corneille Jean-Frančois (1892-1968), was a Belgian physiologist. He won the 1938 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for his discoveries concerning the regulation of respiration, the process by which human beings and other living things obtain and use oxygen. See more »

  • George Emil Palade

    George Emil Palade

    Palade, George Emil (1912-), a Romanian-born cell biologist, shared the 1974 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine with Christian René de Duve of Belgium and Albert Claude of the United States for trailblazing work in cell biology. See more »

  • Henry William Harvey

    Henry William Harvey

    Harvey, William Henry (1811-1866) was an Irish botanist who undertook extensive studies of algae in various parts of the world. See more »

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