Introduction to the Top 5 Inventions for Kids
Child playing with Play-Doh

When we think of inventions, we sometimes miss all the fun stuff that's been designed for kids, like Play-Doh.


Edison, Bell, the Wright Brothers -- sure, their inventions changed the world, but they never seemed to think up anything for the kids. If they had, there might have been a big payday waiting for them. In 2009, the toy industry generated more than $21 billion in revenue despite a down economy, and that figure doesn't include candy, clothing and all sorts of other things made specifically for kids [source: NPD].

Inventing for kids can reward more than bank accounts. For instance, Ralph Baer, known as the "Father of Video Games" for inventing the first video game console, was awarded a National Medal of Technology by President Bush in 2006 [source: Hawkins]. So which inventions for kids landed in our top five? Read on to find out.