10 Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

Office party
A study showed that drinking in an unfamiliar environment (like the office) lowers inhibitions faster than drinking in a familiar place (like a bar). Image Source/Getty Images

Every year or so, it seems, a new study comes along to complicate the debate over the risks versus benefits of alcohol use. Is a glass of wine a day good for your heart, or does it raise your risk of cancer? Does drinking beer lower your blood pressure, or raise it? Is it healthier to drink in moderation, or not at all? And where is the line between "moderate" and "too much"?

Of course, if you have a personal or family history of alcohol abuse or alcoholism, complete abstinence is likely the safest bet [source: MedlinePlus]. But even for responsible, moderate drinkers, there are some situations where even a small amount of alcohol could pose a threat to your health, your reputation or the safety of those around you.

To avoid potential danger, embarrassment and other undesirable drinking-related side effects, check out our list of 10 things you should never mix with alcohol.