10 Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

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Why Compressed Air Canisters Shouldn’t Be Shaken

Why Compressed Air Canisters Shouldn’t Be Shaken

Some aerosol cans should be shaken, some should not. HowStuffWorks looks at the danger of shaking a compressed air canister.

Author's Note: 10 Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

It was interesting to look at some of the consequences, both serious and light-hearted, that alcohol can lead to when mixed with other substances, activities and behaviors. The interaction between alcohol and morel mushrooms was a complete surprise to me. (The interaction between alcohol and online shopping, not so much.) And at the risk of sounding like I'm 200-years-old, I'd like to go on the record as being extremely grateful that cell phones, texting and social media were not around when I was in college.

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