10 Things You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

Dialing, Texting and Posting
After the third cocktail is not a good time to call your ex and tell him what a loser he is. DreamPictures/iStock/Thinkstock

The behavior commonly known as drunk dialing may not be a new one, but cell phones, texting and social media apps have made it easier than ever to embarrass ourselves in more ways than one.

Once upon a time, drunk dialing required both access to a landline and the ability to remember the number of the person you so desperately needed to call. With any luck, your mission would be long forgotten by the time you stumbled back to your apartment or dorm. But thanks to the smart phones virtually glued to our hands these days, your next slurred 2 A.M. phone call, string of garbled text messages or flurry of ill-advised mobile uploads to Facebook, Instagram or Vine may be just a few beers and a couple of thumb-clicks away.

If you can't trust yourself not to dial your ex after a night of drinking or post provocative selfies, you're in luck: There are dozens of anti-drunk-dialing apps that will let you temporarily block certain numbers, email addresses, and functions from your phone, presumably when you're sober and still making good decisions. Google is also at the rescue with some additional functions you can install on Gmail. For instance, "undo send" gives you 5 or 10 seconds to recall an email before it is actually sent [sources: Goldman].