Inside a Power-Cube Transformer

Here's the transformer we'll be exploring today.


How many of those little Power Cube thingies do you have around your house? Here's how many I found around mine:



  1. The answering machine
  2. The cordless phone
  3. The cell phone
  4. The electronic anti-flea ultrasonic noisemaker (we have 4 dogs)
  5. The digital camera
  6. The nicad battery recharger
  7. The video camera battery replacer/recharger
  8. The digital clock in the bedroom
  9. The electric toothbrush
  10. The electric razor
  11. The electric screwdriver
  12. The electric drill
  13. Both sides of the baby monitor
  14. The laptop computer
  15. The office phone
  16. The ink jet printer
  17. The speaker system on the computer
  18. The tape recorder that records notes in the office
  19. The calculator recharger
  20. The 9-volt battery replacer for the radio
  21. The radio shack universal power cube

22 of them! (remember, the baby monitor has 2) And they are all different - they have different plugs, different voltage ratings and different amperages.

So let's take one of these apart and see what's inside.