Top 10 Alternative Transportation Methods

How much do you know about alternative transportation?
How much do you know about alternative transportation?

The automobile is one of the most important inventions of the past 150 years. This is not only because it provides convenient personal transport and great independence through mobility, but also because of the problems it can cause. Namely, city organizers are concerned with air pollution as a threat to public health and the release of carbon emissions exacerbating the trend of global warming, as well as traffic congestion and the expansion of roads creating a loss of urban space.

On a personal level, too, you may find that using a car is not necessarily the best choice. For instance, the costs of fuel and car maintenance can add up quickly. And it’s frightening to consider the high rate of deadly accidents on the highway. We’ll discuss the other alternatives that might be easier on your wallet, your safety and health, or even the environment.

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