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Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

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It might sound gross to a lot of you out there, but reusable garbage bags could keep tons of plastic from the landfill. And we mean tons!

By Suzie Dundas

The UK is considering taxing frequent fliers to help lower airline emissions. But will a tax even help curb greenhouse gases?

By Kristen Hall-Geisler

Earth Day is the ideal time of the year to form new eco-oriented habits. Here are 10 things you can do to celebrate Earth Day today, and still practice the rest of the year, too.

By Julia Layton & Sarah Gleim


Only 25 percent of glass containers used by U.S. consumers were recycled in 2018, the most recent year for statistics. So, why aren't Americans doing better?

By Patrick J. Kiger

There is good news, too, though. If President-elect Joe Biden sticks to his pledge of "net zero" U.S. emissions by 2050, the Paris Agreement goals could be within reach.

By Mark Hertsgaard

Beavers have long had a bad rap for building dams that wreak havoc on the environment. But now those dams are linked to warming temperatures in the tundra, and that's bad news.

By Robin Young & Allison Hagan

Experts expect more than 1 billion climate refugees by the year 2050. Where will they go and how will the world feed, clothe and shelter them?

By Maria Trimarchi & Sarah Gleim


Africa's Great Green Wall, which will be Earth's largest living structure once complete, has been designed to save the continent from desertification and encroachment by the Sahara.

By Stephanie Vermillion

Bill Nye says he quit his day job at Boeing to engage young people in science literacy. And he's still fighting that fight today.

By Jeremy Deaton

Many people think mushrooms have the potential to be environmental game-changers by replacing some plastics, meats and even eating through landfill waste. Could these fungi really help save the planet?

By Olivia Boyd

Satellite data shows just how much air quality has improved during the coronavirus crisis, from China, India, Italy and beyond.

By Marco Hernandez


Though certain parks or preserves have gotten the International Dark Sky Place designation before, this remote South Pacific island became the first entire country to be so honored.

By Nathan Chandler

Earth is a complex place, and its climate follows suit. That may explain why many of us are still confused about climate change. Think you can tell the facts from myths? Find out with this quiz.

By Mark Mancini

Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at a defining moment of history. What can you do to make a difference? We've got 10 tips for you.

By Katie Lambert & Sarah Gleim

Rising sea levels, increased flood and extreme heat are all signs of climate change. Cities are trying some innovate strategies to cope with and mitigate these events.

By Dave Roos


Scientists are hoping two enzymes are the key to breaking down huge amounts of plastic.

By Jesslyn Shields

Global warming and climate change are terms often treated like synonyms, but they have different meanings. We'll explain the difference and why both are so important to know.

By Mark Mancini

The Mushroom Burial Suit is designed to give our dead bodies new life by breaking them down and nourishing the soil.

By Jesslyn Shields

Green, clean energy sounds good at first: Harness the power of the wind to run our creature comforts. But could the sounds people hear (and don't hear) from wind turbines endanger their health?

By Julia Layton & Sarah Gleim


Some cities, even large ones, are making big strides in improving air quality.

By Loraine Fick

Seed banks like the Svalbard Vault in Norway are saving seeds for our future. But a new study found not all seeds can be banked.

By Oisin Curran

We flush a shocking amount of perfectly good water down the toilet every day. An environmental engineer has a better idea.

By Oisin Curran

We've relied on synthetic chemical pesticides for far too long — and they haven't been doing us any favors.

By Jesslyn Shields


When the weather becomes extreme, women in the west African country of Benin deal with agricultural challenges differently than men.

By Jesslyn Shields

Getting your home to zero waste doesn't have to mean re-structuring your entire life. Sure, you'll have to make changes, but most of them are surprisingly easy.

By John Donovan