Top 10 Alternative Transportation Methods

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Just because you don’t have any convenient public transportation or a schedule that lends itself to being tied down to carpooling doesn’t mean you're out of options. If you're still determined to reduce your carbon footprint, you should consider looking into an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV).

While you can maintain the convenience of owning a personal vehicle, an alternative fuel vehicle will run on fuel other than petroleum. For instance, compressed natural gas (CNG) is one such alternative fuel that produces less pollution and greenhouse gases. Renewable fuels include ethanol, which is derived from plant materials, and biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oils and animal fats. Propane burns cleanly and is available domestically in the United States, making it attractive for weaning the country from dependence on foreign oil. Finally, vehicles running on hydrogen-powered fuel cells will produce no air pollution.

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