How Nostradamus Works

Education and Early Work

According to most biographies, Nostradamus left home in 1522 to study medicine in Montpellier. After completing his education, he briefly worked as a professor of medicine, before practicing as a physician throughout southern France. Over the years, he gained some renown in his treatment of bubonic plague sufferers. Through encouraging proper sanitation and developing innovative medicines, he was able to heal some seriously ill patients (though he lost his children and his first wife to plague in 1538).

In the late 1540s, Nostradamus remarried and moved to Salon, a French city near the Mediterranean coast. Over the following decade, he dedicated his attention to formulating prophecies, primarily regarding battles and disasters in the years to come. These ominous warnings gained him wide notoriety throughout Europe.

In the next section, we'll look at Nostradamus' seminal work, as well as his mysterious methods for looking into the future.