How Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders Work

Attaching Different Tools

You can attach all sorts of backhoe tools [b]to a Caterpillar backhoe loader.
Photo courtesy Caterpillar

Some backhoe-loaders let you connect a wide variety of tools to either the backhoe stick or the loader in place of the standard buckets. Caterpillar backhoe-loaders have an integrated toolcarrier (IT) that hooks up very easily to a number of compatible components. Different tools include specialized buckets, street sweepers and pallet forks.

The backhoe arm also connects very easily to different tools. As you can see in the video below, the operator must secure the tool to the backhoe stick with a connecting pin. All sorts of tools are available, including:


  • Hydraulic hammers for breaking up asphalt
  • Augers for digging circular holes
  • Asphalt grinders for milling the surface of the road
  • Grapples for gripping and pulling rooted material (such as tree stumps)

The ability to attach different tools expands the backhoe's versatility a great deal. The different tool attachments let the backhoe loader do a number of different things on the job site.