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Conservation Issues

Conservation issues are a growing concern for most scientists. As humans continue to consume natural resources, many organisms are headed for extinction. Conservation issues include the protection of trees, animals and wetlands.

How Barrier Islands Work

You've probably been spending your summers visiting a barrier island or two and you don't even know it! From Atlantic City to Miami Beach barrier islands are popular vacation spots and amazing ecosystems. Go exploring.

Should we breed endangered species?

If we breed endangered species, how do we know which animals to focus our efforts on? Learn about breeding endangered species. See more »

What would it take to save every endangered species?

To save every endangered species we would need an incredible amount of planning and money. Learn more about what it would take to save every endangered species. See more »

Can seed banks save threatened plants?

Can seed banks save threatened plants, or does this concept work only in science fiction? Find out how seed banks save threatened plants. See more »

What is civilization's impact on Earth's environment?

Civilization's impact on Earth's environment is certainly great, but how great? Learn about civilization's impact on Earth's environment. See more »

How soon will we run out of food?

Will we run out of food, or will we be able to sustain ourselves forever? Find out if we will ever run out of food. See more »

Is there enough food on Earth to sustain the people on it?

Is there enough food on Earth in order to sustain everyone, or will we eventually run out? See more »

Will all farms in the future be indoors?

Will farms in the future be indoors, or will we be able to sustain our current farming methods? Learn about farms in the future in this article. See more »

How Desertification Works

Desertification is the result of natural and human-made causes, and results in the creation of new desert areas. Find out more about desertification. See more »

How Watersheds Work

You're probably standing in one right now, but do you know what a watershed is and how watersheds work? Learn how watersheds work here. See more »

Can we replant the planet's rainforests?

If we replant rainforests, could we bring deforested areas back to life? Learn how you can replant rainforests and possibly help prevent extinction. See more »