How Crop Circles Work

This formation was discovered in Eastfield, England, in June 2004. An article in the Western Daily Press called the design "uncannily similar to plans for one of Nikola Tesla's early pieces of equipment."

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How Do Researchers Study Crop Circles?

When researchers come to the scene of a crop circle, they conduct a thorough investigation, including the following methods:

  • Talking to possible eyewitnesses and residents living nearby
  • Examining the location and the weather where circles have formed
  • Examining the affected crops and the surrounding soil with sophisticated techniques such as X-ray diffraction analysis (firing X-rays at a sample to determine its composition materials)
  • Taking electromagnetic energy readings inside and near the crop circles
  • Analyzing the circle patterns (Some complex patterns are compared with hieroglyphics or other ancient symbols.)

Researchers have been pondering the question of crop circles for several decades, but they still haven't come up with a real answer as to why they exist.

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