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Raised on a steady diet of Technicolor musicals and library books, Cristen Conger always wanted to be a writer when she grew up. While working toward her journalism degree at the University of Georgia, she learned to avoid starry-eyed statements about childhood dreams and stick to hard facts. After graduating, Cristen decided she'd spent enough time chasing down REM band members in Athens and hitched up the road to Atlanta where she jumped on board with the award-winning web site HowStuffWorks.com.

As a writer and blogger for HowStuffWorks and a contributing writer for Discovery News, Cristen specializes in technology and the science of everyday living. Her articles have featured on Huffington Post, ABC Science and MSNBC.com. She also co-hosts the popular Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast, which explores gender issues such as relationships, careers and women's history. A graduate of University of Georgia, where she majored in journalism, Cristen reads, writes, runs and dabbles in improv comedy.

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