10 Tips for Eco-friendly Cooking


Buy from Local Farmers

Tomato lovers know there’s nothing tastier than a fresh, locally grown tomato in the summertime, but it makes sense to buy food from local farmers year-round.

"One of the most eco-friendly things you can do foodwise is to eat local," says Ann Wilkinson, president of Origin Farms Consulting of Kansas City, Mo. "Not only are you supporting your local farmers, you're getting the freshest and, in many cases, the best organic and natural foods available. Plus, you're saving the environment the oil-hungry transportation cost of moving food across the country or the globe to your supermarket.”

Wilkinson encourages shoppers to search out locally grown fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets, food stands and food co-ops. You’ll enjoy fresher food while supporting small business in your community and helping the environment.

Locating sources of sustainably grown food in your area is as easy as visiting www.LocalHarvest.org. Simply enter your ZIP code to find convenient sources of produce, grass-fed meats and other treats.

Buying food from local farmers can be an adventure for the entire family. Take a trip to a local berry farm and pick your own fruit, pack a picnic and visit a local orchard or visit an artisan cheese maker and see firsthand how Gouda is made.